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We are looking to expand our collaboration with home care operators and build longstanding partnerships to facilitate better care delivery for their end-customers. We are already working with some major organizations in Taiwan, Japan, Thailand, and Vietnam, and we will continue to work toward expanding our outreach.

CEO Hung Nguyen,a well-known technologist holding 35 patents in USA


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OnSky was selected as Top Patient Monitoring Solution Companies 2021.


SkyPad is certified by the FCC as safe for users. There is no wireless electromagnetic wave emitted from the Pad.

Pioneer in emergency detection and alert service (EDAS)

Possible life-threatening conditions or vital sign abnormality can be detected and alerted.

Pioneer in emergency detection and alert service (EDAS)

Lead in Technology

OnSky Health offers SkyPad™, the industry’s first virtual care solution that provides continuous contact-free vital sign sensing with an optional emergency alert and calling service.
contact free


Accuracy measurement without skin contact

risk free


No RF electromagnetic wave emitted from the Pad

Enhanced Health Protection

Enhanced Health Protection

Early detection and rapid intervention with The Emergency Detection & Alert Service (EDAS)

alway on

Always ON

Always ON, no battery charging needed

Why cooperate with OnSky Health International?

Research & Development department

Research & Development department

For the last three years, our R&D team has been working on the development of proprietary ultra-sensitive sensor technology for comfortable health monitoring without skin contact.

High margins

High margins

We have experience in high volume production but still ensure a high quality as well as the best experience for your customer. It will allow you to focus on sales to get much higher margins.

Marketing activities

Marketing activities

We are devoted to supporting our partners get more sales in the market - through content marketing on our platform, online events along digital marketing proposals.

Technical Support 24/7

Technical Support 24/7

Our OnSky team can help you anytime, anywhere to bring the best experience for your customers.

DIVE into a world of opportunities for your business

Get access to New Markets

According to Precedence Research, the global smart healthcare market size is predicted to hit around US$ 482.25 billion by 2027, growing at a CAGR of 17.97%. OnSky has the advantage of the industry's first innovative product that requires no skin contact without compromising accuracy. It's your opportunity to get access to new markets.

Boost your income

We are keen on promoting the highest possible return on partnerships. By providing the best quality standard of the products, our partners can rely on us as a stable source of income.

Get knowledge of new technology

Do you want to work with experts in smart health devices? You can get access to powerful products, innovative technology, and helpful tools!

Catch up with the trend

The world is entering the 5.0 technology era, the usage of innovative products will be an inevitable trend. "If you don't step up to seize the opportunity, you will be left behind"

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About OnSky

OnSky Health International develops and manufactures advanced medical technologies and connected-health products aimed at modernizing remote health care and telehealth with a focus on the elderly, in-home patients, people with chronic diseases and senior living. OnSky Health’s innovative products assist health care providers and caregivers in delivering intelligent, optimized and meaningful health care anytime and anywhere. With headquarters in the United States, the company’s flagship SkyPad system combines proprietary sensor technology with advanced AI and machine learning to provide an innovative virtual care system that helps the aging population enjoy a better quality of life while easing the minds of loved ones.


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